Touch Designer Learning Material

After following Ben Voigt’s Introductory workshop, I decided to compile a list of resources that will help me to learn the basics of Touch Designer and Python. I have learnt from experience that when learning to code or use a software, it is best to start from the ground up and master the basics first. Once comfortable I can then understand and move on to more advance tutorials which will help to achieve my desired outcome. Here is a list of learning resources I’ve found so far:

Derivative Forum

Touch Designer was developed by derivative, so their websites forum is a great place to get help and support, but to also find learning resources and see what others have produced.

Derivative Tutorials

Derivative host verified tutorials on their website. However, each tutorial is quite specific in the topic it’s teaching, so I think i’ll use this resource once I have the basics down and understand the direction I need to take to achieve my final outcome.

Mathew Ragan’s Teaching Resources

I found this resource to be recommended widely on the derivative forums as great place to start learning the basics.

A little bit about Mathew Ragan:
He has completed an MFA in Interdisciplinary Digital Media and Performance at Arizona State University. Following his studies, Mathew began working at Obscura Digital with his role being systematic and artistic implementation of creative ideas and concepts. Obscura Digital was later purchased by the Madison Square Garden Company and Mathew moved into a leadership position as the Director of Software. His work now focuses on the challenges and opportunities of large immersive venues, and helping steer the development pipeline of real time content for MSG Sphere. (MSG Sphere, 2019), (Matthew Ragan, 2019)

Introduction to Touch Designer 099 – A Free & Open Source Community Book

This book is open source, community driven and was authored by Elburz Sorkhabi who is one of the leading authorities on TouchDesigner. The book covers the fundamentals to learning Touch Design 099 and is accompanied by video tutorials and example project files.

Learn Touch Designer Website

As well as his free introductory resource, Elburz has his own website which offers paid tutorial courses that cover a vast scope of TouchDesigner’s capabilities and even includes a tutorial for Kinect 2 fundamentals which would be very useful for me.

You can also become a HQ member for a hefty price, but you receive all the tutorial courses, 1:1 coaching, Q&A from professional Touch Designer developers and access to plug-ins.

Lynda Touch Designer Courses:

I found two Touch Designer courses on Lynda but I felt they were a little rushed. I thought I’d include them still, since they could prove useful.

Simon Alexander-Adams Tutorials

I wasn’t going to mention this resource as there isn’t a lot to it, it doesn’t cover the fundamentals and is directed towards more specific projects. Despite this, it may prove useful as the content appears well written and Simon provides long form video tutorials to accompany the posts.

TouchDesigner Help Group

Lastly Touch Designer has a Facebook help group for any extra support you may need or to keep up to date with the latest Touch Designer projects from its wide user base.


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