An Introduction to TouchDesigner

I began learning the basics of Touch Designer by following this video by Ben Voigt:

Ben started with the basics, showcasing Touch Designer’s user interface, how it operates and how you’ll navigate through it. He then moved to more in-depth mini project tutorials, which made use of and provided insight into a variety of nodes for each of the 5 operator types. The five operator types being: TOP’s (texture operators), CHOP’s (channel operators), SOP’s (surface operators), MAT’s (material operators) and DAT’s (data operators).

Throughout the entire tutorial the instructions were clearly laid out, it was paced nicely and was well explained. Performing the tutorial in front of a the live audience also meant that a lot of questions were asked. I didn’t skip over these, as I found there was always useful information to be said and Ben would often repeat things which actually made it easier for me to memorise what I’d learnt.

I have created three quick video to showcase the final outcomes after following each section of tutorial:


Introduction to TouchDesigner – Ben Voigt. (2018). Available at: [Accessed 14 Oct. 2019].

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